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Were you at the party?

Skrolli Party is a demo party dedicated to the makers and readers of the Skrolli magazine! The party was held for the third time on Saturday 28th September 2019 in Epilä, Tampere. Present were approximately 40 writers, editors and readers of Skrolli.

The invitation intro is available to download for Linux and Windows. A 64-bit operating system is required. If you don't have a suitable execution environment, you can also watch the intro below (Youtube link).

Party place


Compo results


  1. Hanna-Kaisan tietokonekerho by la_mettrie / enchanted logic unit (8.83)
  2. Lähdekoodius by Mikkosoft Productions (8.43)
  3. Sädeaskeltaja by jnalanko (8.17)
  4. Techno-power by cos (7.07)
  5. reklaami by eimink (6.00)
  6. Cosmic Cones by Zhamul & Muffintrap (5.80)
  7. peruna by iso (5.43)
  8. Mandelbrot Explosion by Ravel & Chain Chomp (5.37)
  9. Oink by PIGS (4.18)
  10. AK-04 - Blood bath by AateKorjaamo (4.10)
  11. Kiitos Skrollikissoille by Muffintrap of FCCCF (3.07)


  1. Ensin ei mitään ja sitten kaikki by Jarkko Lehti / Grue (8.93)
  2. Diffusion Dancer by Astral Projector (8.28)
  3. Aahi by Keuhkovammaistenliitto (7.25)
  4. Autumn abstracted by Valhe + jnalanko (5.41)
  5. Rockin' Skrollin' by spiikki / nalleperhe (5.29)
  6. Exotic Men by edi+matteus (5.18)
  7. Art of coding questionnaire by Myy (4.61)
  8. Code-up sauna by Aketzu & Solarius (4.17)
  9. Bodhicitta by appas (3.36)
  10. Arska by Zagupi/HBC (3.21)
  11. Visual jockey strap by Jumalauta (entry was not shown due to technical problems)


Photos from the party

You can watch a recording of the party livestream below (Youtube link).

Demos in the party bus Trophies and issues of Skrolli Gaming compo qualifications GLSL live coding Party atmosphere Gaming compo qualifications Party atmosphere Game journalist reminiscence Pizzas are here! Arcade cabinets were also in use Wild compo in progress Roz^(B)^FIT had a show Wild compo prizes Realtime compo prizes The winner of the wild compo

Contact information

Any questions about the party can be sent to

You can also /msg tdb or Mikron on IRCnet.