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Aulanko Grand Villa
13. - 15.9.2024

Skrolli Party 2024 goes Aulanko!

The fifth Skrolli Party will be held in an idyllic setting at the Aulanko Grand Villa, where you're welcome to stay the entire weekend. Scheduled programme is on Saturday the 14th of September 2024. There's room for a decently large crowd on the main day (around 80 people), but accommodations are limited (around 30 beds). A bus round-trip from Helsinki to Aulanko and back will be organized on Saturday. The party will also be streamed to the Internet so those who couldn't make it to the location can follow along. Information on the stream will be added later.

Entrance is free of charge. Registration information is on a separate page. Additional services (bus trip, computer place, accommodation) are available for a fee from Skrolli's web shop.

Everyone is welcome to Skrolli Party. The first 20 spots are reserved for the makers of the magazine.

Check out the photos and results from previous years: 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2023!

Participate in discussion about the party in Skrolli's community: on Matrix, #skrolli-party on IRCnet and Skrolli's Discord community.

Party place

Aulanko Grand Villa has served as the venue for many other Finnish demoscene events over the years. In addition to the large common room there are bedrooms, a kitchen and sauna.

More pictures, travel information and additional services can be found on a separate page.


There will be three compos at the party: realtime, wild and a fast photo compo which is especially suitable for new party goers.

The realtime competition is about making an executable program which produces moving image and audio in real time. The platform can be old or new, as long as it can execute a program.

Entries in the wild compo can be anything that can be presented with a screen and/or loudspeakers. It can be a picture, prerendered animation, a piece or music or a video of a live performance. Bring something from outside the box and surprise us!

Pictures participating in the fast photo compo must be taken at the party place. The theme will be revealed at the party.

Rules are on a separate page.


The main event day is Saturday the 14th of September 2024, but the venue is at our disposal from Friday to Sunday. Doors open on Friday at 18 o'clock for freeform socializing. On Sunday everyone must be out by noon.

A more detailed schedule is available on a separate page.

Food and drink

There will be snacks, drinks with and without alcohol, and possibly more. You can also bring your own sustenance.


Head organizer
Mikko "The DataBeaver" Rasa
Matrix: IRCnet: tdb Discord: databeaver
Programme director
Mika "Mikron" Hyvönen
Communications and registration
Miia "Meea" Syrjä
Discord: Meea


See the list on the Finnish page.