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Party place

Aulanko Grand Villa has served as the venue for many other Finnish demoscene events over the years. In addition to the large common room there are bedrooms, a kitchen and sauna.

You can arrive on Friday at 18:00 and stay until Sunday 12:00. Party programme is scheduled for Saturday.

Travel information

The party place is at Aulangon-Heikkilän tie 168, 13900 Pekola. There's a parking lot right next to the villa for those traveling by car. The distance from Hämeenlinna railway station is about 6 km.

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Additional services

All additional services can be purchased from Skrolli's web shop.

Bus trip

Price 15 €/hlö (round trip)

Sat 14.9 n. 10:00-11:30Helsinki - Aulanko Grand Villa
Sat/Sun nightAulanko Grand Villa - Helsinki

Computer place

Price 20 €/place

There will be around 20 computer places. Please bring your own extension cord.

You can't reserve a specific place in advance. Places will be chosen at the party place using the first come, first served principle. No one who paid for a place will be left without.


Price 5 - 45 €

Accommodations are reserved as an entire bedroom. You can bring friends to share a room with you or ask around in Skrolli's community for roommates.

Note that a pillow and blanket are provided but bedsheets are not. Please bring your own sleeping bag or sheets as well as a towel.

Room typeCountPrice
Bedroom, 2 beds130,00 €
Bedroom, 3 beds240,00 €
Bedroom, 4 beds345,00 €
Alcove*210,00 €
Sofa*45,00 €

* Alcoves and sofas are not in separate rooms but in open spaces. They are marked on the floor plan as "Makuusoppi" and "Sohva".